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The RhythmFlows ERP has evolved into a niche solution for Procurement for multiple customers today. The depth in the RhythmFLows Procurement solutions allows complete coverage of Budgeted Purchasing, Spend Management, Employee + Recurring expenses management, supplier Pay-cycle management and related accounting. RhythmFlows is now available with integrated payment solutions in India to complete the automation cycle for your Procurement Business Processes. The Key functionality extended as part of our Procure-to-pay platform is modular and can be implemented as a single solution or as Stand-alone:

Services offered

Staff Augmentation / Implementation / Maintenance / BPO

Vendor / Partner Master Management
  • Creation of Vendor master data – Spreadsheet upload / API’s to fetch data from other Systems
  • Supplier-Item links – map your contracts data for supply terms and item masters
  • Workflow for master data management
Purchase Indent Management / Requisition Management
  • Complete process of internal requests management for enterprises with focus on workflow for functional and financial approvals. Multi-step workflow and transaction system that can allow mapping of processes with any complexity levels
Material / Service Receipts Management (GRN / SRN)
  • Creation of Goods Receipt Note from PO
  • Non-PO receipts
  • Mobile App for Field Receipts
  • Custom forms for Service Receipts Confirmation
  • QR Code generation for materials received for Traceability and Inventory Management
Payables Management
  • Accounting of Vendor Invoices – with inbuilt three-way match (option to configure Four-way matching)
  • Pay-cycle configuration in line with Supplier Terms
  • Bank interface for payment instructions
  • Conversion of Requisition into PO’s
  • Standard PO generation
  • Mapping of all functional and Financial fields for PO creation
  • Integrated workflow for PO approval – multi-step
Spend Management
  • Recurring expenses configuration – reminders and payments
  • Employee expense management – Expense reports, Approval workflow, Payments
  • Spend Analytics
Procurement Analytics & Reporting
  • 100+ Canned P2P reports
  • Dashboards for various Business Roles
  • Budgeting Analytics

Userwise Features

Location users

  • Create Purchase Indent (PI) using existing item master or new items not present in master
  • View status of their requests, right up to PO creation
  • View historical purchases and re-order
  • Place recurrent orders with monthly / quarterly / yearly frequency
  • View MIS reports for the location

Central Purchase

  • Assign Budgets to Locations
  • View Purchase Indents (PI) for all institutes and fulfil them
  • View existing stock and allocate it against Institute PI
  • Select items for multiple PI’s to source to single PO
  • Request for Quotations from Vendors & source to PO
  • Issue Sanction Letters
  • Add / update master data: Vendors, Items
  • View Central and Location level MIS


  • Provide access to Locations and central purchase members
  • Monitor system usage and report on the same to senior management
  • Daily Stock verification from Inventory system
  • Reconcile Procurement transactions – 4 Way Matching
  • Solve user queries, train new users

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