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Digital Transformations and IT Upgrades play an important role for the Healthcare and Wellness Industry. Innovative and improvised Solutions such as Tele Consultation, IoMT – Internet of Medical Things, On Premise and Cloud based Statistical Tools,  and  Personal Health Devices and Records are receiving increased attention all over the world. Higher Level and trending technologies like Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Blockchain are becoming a part of the industry, too.

Features - Differentiators.

A Customized Solution to suit your needs 🙂

Customized UI for Patient Interface

Primarily, it is the End User experience that matters, and so we have our elite team working on UI-UX-CX as per your requirements. The Responsive Web and App Development enhances User experience and usability across various devices, so the solution is deployed on a global scale in true sense.

Assign Permissions to various Roles

Realtime Management of Screen and Menu Access for various roles enables the Administrator to add or remove access to Patients, Doctors and other Users as and when needed anytime even after Solution Deployment.

Doctor Verification and Configurations for Super Admin

Onboard and Monitor Doctors as per Speciality, Qualifications and Records. Feature to add various Payment Plans as per Appointment time, and other customizations also possible.

Multi Path Configuration

Patient / End User can browse through provided Doctor Expertise, Appointment Availability as per data updates in real time. Virtual Care team feature enables the patients to Save Select Doctors to get back to quickly for follow up or new Appointments.

Scalable - Secure - Case Driven

Tele Consultation and Medicine

Booking of Appointments, Video Consultation, Prescription Records and All information is organized and manageable in a user-friendly interface on the same Security and Privacy Compliant system.

Patient Onboard

Multiple Platform Deployments available like Website, Android, iOS Applications for reaching wider audience and user intuitive screens to quickly start the process of Appointment Bookings.

Multi User Configuration

Super Admin, Organization Admins, Doctors, and Patients - Multi User Creation with specific controls and access. A solution that grows with you to support multiple teams, and audience.

Integration Friendly

Link your workflows with existing or third party systems using APIs and event handlers. Define API types - SOAP or REST, Time Out and Authentication settings as well. Multiple APIs for various tasks from multiple entities.

Features - including but not limited to :

Multi-Access Modes

Browser and Mobile based access ensures user  

Focus on UX

Minimalistic / Uniform UI across access media to allow consistent User Experience

Universal Product Builder

Highly Abstract solution  used to build any application with minimal changes to code.


Architected to suit any scale of operations. Ability to integrate enhancements as per growing businesses


In-Built Audit trail across the process for  Statutory Compliance &  Third Party Audits

Universal Launch

Solution available on all major app stores, web is securely accessible through out.

Tele Consultation Applications

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