RhythmFlows – The Enterprise Applications Company

Enterprise Resource Planning

RhythmFlows ERP has been designed ground up with real-life scenarios to handle complex processes like Material Req. planning, PPC, Payroll Computation, etc. The integrated task management & workflow ensures 100% traceability while New-age features like Mobile interface and Item Bar-coding allows interfacing of Human, Machine and Financial assets of the organization

WorkFlow Automation

RithamWorks is your Low-code Business Process Configurator that helps you automate workflows, directly coupled to your transactions – the transactions could be on our State-of-the-art RhythmFlows ERP or on any other transactional application within your current IT systems. Integrate with your mailbox or use our Worklist as your internal communication tool; Rithamworks understands the pulse of your enterprise and gives the control back into your hands.

Universal Reconciliation & Analytics Platform

AlgoRhythms is the universal Reconciliation and Analytics Platform that helps you reconcile data sets from disparate systems while allowing you to analyse patterns. We have built specific application for Banksto reconcile their new-age transaction types with pre-configured rules engine, Fraud Analytics dashboard and a workflow backed resolution tool – all built into a single application set!

Each Enterprise is different… so are their Automation Needs

RhythmFlows was conceived with an idea to NOT compartmentalize Small businesses into Pay-per-Use customers…