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RithamWorks API HUB

Universal Integration Platform that allows data exchange between disparate applications irrespective of Source Systems Architecture and their Data Format Structures. The Salient features include User Intuitive Admin Panel, Reports and Analytics that gives you full control of the system.

The Api Hub is actually a Low Code Platform that allows multiple popular data types like JSON, XML, CSV, TXT along with options for Protocols such as SMTP, FTP and configurations to adapt different scenarios.

A Customized Solution to suit your Business needs

Configure Source and Destination

The system allows you to configure Source and Destination configurations for Current data type, requested data type, protocol handling and options to setup an Integration – a Communication bridge between two or more systems.

Prioritized Reports and Analytics Visualizations

Explore into each system handshake easily and sort priority wise to handle important ones earlier.

Multi Role Categorizations

Multi User creation system for various roles. Every User can be assigned different tasks with specific access according to roles defined to perform certain actions. This feature helps the system to be full-on business centric.

Features - Differentiators.

Scalable - Robust - Business Driven

Process Performance Boost

All information is organized and managed in a user-friendly interface on the same system.

System Customizations

Easy System Setup, Data type and protocol customizations.

Multi User Roles

Super Admin, Organization Admins, Configuration Users, Technical Analysts - Multi User Creation with specific controls and access.

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