How the Next-Gen Pirates explore ways to leak your content...

Being the World’s Largest Producer of Films, the Indian Media Industry has seen a huge loss of revenue because of the ever increasing monster of Video Piracy. If you are a media rights holder that deals in video content publishing, chances are that your media is being leaked as well, causing a substantial decay of profits.

Coming straight towards the Piracy methods, your revenue might get compromised due to following practices:

1. Password Theft

When account passwords and details are leaked or stolen from the genuine users. These accounts are then sold by Pirates, especially on social media.

2. Repeated Trials

This one is quite popular among users, as it is easy to create fake accounts. Even using different credentials, to access the content for free.

3. Tricking device restrictions

Pirates hack in the video platform server to confuse the restriction of the number of devices used. This way a single account can be used by multiple users without any restrictions.

4. Identity theft

Apps and websites use various methods to identify the user. Pirates can manipulate these methods on various devices and use them repeatedly to access the content.

5. Video Download

There are multiple sites online, which makes it easy for users to download a video. By just entering the URL, they can easily download your videos and from there, it can easily get into all the popular pirate data systems.

Taking in mind, the various concerns and the ability of our team to furnish customized solutions for a quick development-to-market time constraints, we would like to help you deliver a Secure and Scalable solution, for a superior customer experience.

Control your Solution

OTT means all about control over your content, brand, user experience, audience, monetization and, most of all, your data. General streaming Platforms just do not give you that.

Custom Monetization

Ad-free monetization is possible, by enabling custom monetization strategies (AVOD / SVOD / TVOD and the like). OTT analytics enhances targeted advertising and fine tune your campaigns.

Direct to Consumer

O.T.T. is the ultimate platform for reaching your targeted audience directly with your content and delivering a premium video experience which you control. With OTT, media providers can get immediate user feedback through direct engagement and interaction.

User Freedom

Viewers are now in the driver’s seat, due to overall control. More than ever, users are able to identify exactly what to watch and only pay for the media subscriptions that they want. OTT provides the flexibility to adjust your models to the market for maximum uptake.

We are all ears to listen your creative ideas for your very own Streaming Solution!

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