Importance of Patient Engagement in HEALTHCARE

Healthcare is one of the crucial component of the society where a healthy community helps the nation progress with prosperity. Whether it is a remote interaction due to lockdown restrictions, or a regular in person consultation, patient engagement plays an important role in helping doctors and hospitals achieve best possible outcomes for their patients health and business. Patient engagement is all about motivating patients to make informed choices and decisions about their treatments. Such active patients, engage in a more positive behavior such as managing their health conditions as compared to patients who do not have timely interactions with their Doctor / Health Consultant.

What is Patient engagement in healthcare?

When Patients acquire information about their health and make decisions regarding their symptoms, diseases, and required treatments it is termed as active patient engagement. It is a course of actions in which the patient aligns with healthcare service providers and public policy to accomplish desired results. Usually, it is not possible for the doctors and the medical staff to address the needs of each patient and provide information and options about their ailments if the patients don’t respond and participate actively.

Importance of Patient interaction in healthcare.

Sometimes, patients feel that interactions with a health professional is only required during a certain treatment or state of emergency. The patients follow the advice and give a wide scope to the doctors to take relevant decisions. Whereas, patients have a significant role in making decisions. Active Patient engagement forms a greater understanding and commitments required for healthcare processes. Higher patient engagement leads to improved patient outcomes and costs savings. Higher patient interactions reduce the need for urgent care and emergency visits to the hospital. This also helps medical professionals build a long lasting bond with their patients, allowing them to stay invested in their health.

Driving Patient Engagement using technology advancements

A solution focused on healthcare based user engagement has to provide a seamless video consulting experience, enforcing robust security. In a Teleconsulting Solution, Realtime Video Calling is a feature that helps patients communicate more effectively with medical professionals and can provide necessary documents and previous health reports as per requirement. It also helps doctors to understand patients’ current conditions and treatment results, as people prefer to engage through video for numerous reasons such as to avoid unnecessary commute or contracting diseases by getting exposed from other patients. Such Video-based patient engagement solutions need to provide analytics to help doctors and patients alike to track ongoing progress.

Tele Consultation Applications

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