Case Management Solutions

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Business driven Case Management provides you Full Control of the System.

Manual Case Management Workflows that an organization’s task force has to handle would not have the same pattern every time they occur. The only way to ensure such cases are handled efficiently and accurately is a solution driven by business requirements and doesn’t have restrictions in terms of adoption.

Scalable - Robust - Business Driven

Process Performance Boost

All information is organized and managed in a user-friendly interface on the same system. Get instant, automatic, and relevant notifications that balance the signal to noise ratio.

System Customizations

Easy Case Routing, Setup Business Rules and Define SLAs with multiple Priority levels. Create and change WorkFlows on the Fly. Exercise minute-level control over every process and executions of tasks.

Multi User Roles

Super Admin, Organization Admins, Support Users, Technical Issue Resolvers - Multi User Creation with specific controls and access. A solution that grows with you to support multiple teams, locations, and more

Integration Friendly

Link your workflows with third party systems using APIs and event handlers. Define API types - SOAP or REST, Time Out and Authentication settings as well. Multiple APIs for various tasks from multiple entities.

Features - Differentiators.

A Customized Solution to suit your Business needs 🙂

Customized Dashboard and Reports

Realtime information and reports on every case, presented in a use case customizable layout. Custom reports with required information to drive actionable insights

Prioritized Case Visualizations

Explore into each case easily and sort priority wise to handle important ones earlier. Upload new and archived cases in bulk and capture data from multiple sources and access from the same screen.

Multi Role Categorizations

Multi User creation system for various roles. Every User can be assigned different tasks with specific access according to roles defined to perform certain actions. This feature helps the system to be full-on business centric.

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